Topic & Speaker

Jan 20, 2003

Consensus Statement of Acute Stroke Management: Implication and Future

Dr. Chan Hiu Ming

Jan 24, 2003

How doctors can get into trouble with the law and how best to avoid it

Dr. Harold Leong & Ms. Jaime Lam

Feb 28,2003

Recent Advances in Radiology

Dr. Hector Ma, Dr. P.W. Cheng, Dr. Jimmy H.C. Li & Dr. Kevin Tse

Mar 12,2003

Dementia: Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Lam Tat Chung, Paul

Practical Use of the Mini-Mental State Examination

Dr. Wong Ming Cheuk, Michael

May 20,2003

Update on Schizophrenia and Related Psychoses

Dr. Lam Tat Chung, Paul

May 26,2003

Management of Neuropathic Pain

Dr. B. A. Tay

Jun 23, 2003

Recent Advances in Intervention Cardiovascular Medicine

Dr. Chris Wong

Jul 4, 2003

Update on Management of Airway Diseases

Dr. Leung Chung Chuen, Roland

Jul 8, 2003

Emerging Issues in the Management of Acid-related Diseases

Dr. Wong Chun Yu, Benjamin

Jul 18, 2003

Arthritis-Orthopaedic Aspects

Dr. Ko Chi Kuen

Jul 29, 2003

New Evidence on COX-2 Inhibitors

Dr. Francis K. L. Chan

Aug 8, 2003

Reduction in Cardiovascular Risk Factors through Weight Loss

Dr. Yip Shing Biu, Alex

Aug 18, 2003

Latest Evidence in the Management of Hypertension

Dr. Tse Hung Fat

Aug 22, 2003

Update on the Management of Hypertension in Diabetes Mellitus

Dr. Vincent T. F. Yeung

Aug 28, 2003

Capsular Enteroscopy

Dr. Lam Kui Chun

Aug 31, 2003

I) Overview of Functional Psychosis

II) Second Generation Antipsychotic Drugs

Dr. Lam Tat Chung, Paul

III) Early Detection of Psychosis

Dr. Eric Chen

IV) Psychosis in Children and Adolescents

Dr. Kathy Chan

V) Postpartum Depression and Psychosis

Dr. Dominic T.S. Lee

Sept 1, 2003

Emerging Differences between COX-2 Specific Inhibitors

Prof. Andrew Whelton

Sept 6, 2003

Practical Cues for Management of Depression in Your Clinic

Dr. Lee Wing King

Sept 7, 2003

Diagnostic Considerations in Dementia

Dr. Fong Ka Yeung

Recent Advances in Vascular Dementia

Dr. Richard Kay

Management of Patients with Dementia

Dr. Lam Tat Chung, Paul

Sept 29, 2003

Update in Cardiology : 2003

Dr. Lo Ying Sui, Archie

Sept 30, 2003

New Therapeutic Approaches to Alzheimers Disease

Dr. Christopher K. DAVIS

Oct 5, 2003

I) Advance Treatment in Respiratory Allergies

II) Advance Treatment in Nasal Allergies

Dr. Wu Young Yuen, Adrian

Oct 23, 2003

Fever in Children

Dr. Ko Wai Keung, Fredrick

Oct 31, 2003

New Trends in the Diagnosis and Management of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections

Dr. Leung Chung Chuen, Roland

Nov 7, 2003

Management of Erectile Dysfunction in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Yip Shing Biu, Alex

Nov 12, 2003

Diagnosis and Clinical Features of COPD

Dr. Thomas Y. W. Mok

New Insights for COPD Therapy

Dr. So Shun Yang

Nov 14, 2003

Update on Acute Coronary Syndrome

Dr. Wong Shou Pang, Alexander

Nov 27, 2003

Medical Approach to Anti-Aging

Dr. Ronald F. Tan

Dec 5, 2003

Etoricoxibe: Advance in Pain Management

Dr. Clark McKeever, MD

Dec 9, 2003

Management of Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease

Dr. Wong Wai Man, Raymond

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